You’re really cool!

When I was a teenager, I wanted to fit in & be cool. If I’m honest with you, there are times when I still want to fit in. But alas, I’m unique & from God’s perspective, that’s wonderful! When you look at the world in which we live, it is filled with individuality, distinction & uniqueness. Think about snowflakes, flowers, zebras, clouds, etc.
So if you ever have those insecure moments when you feel like you don’t fit, be sure to turn your thoughts to the immensity & intensity of God’s love for you because you’re really cool!!



Patricia Goodwin

Sarah, I am almost 74 years old, and i haven’t fit in my whole life..I have been too quiet, but I’m certainly not unfriendly and I am very helpful…just quiet, can’t believe people would want to talk to me, etc…I am not crazy or deranged, but I have never fit in…I put it down to being raised an only child in a family where it was my mom and me at home 7 days a week, dad worked 7 days, I seldom saw him, so mom and I had a quiet life and we did just fine there at home together but I think we grew to just like being the 2 of us together and from that came an independence which still stays with me. i don’t mind being alone, I am never bored. So that is a good thing. I do believe God loves me and he is the one that gave me this independence and that is never a bad thing. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Patricia

That is a really cool thought Sarah, thankyou.

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