You’re already cool!!

From time to time I get in situations where I don’t feel very cool – maybe I’m in a group of people who are smarter than me or more trendy or maybe I’m just a newcomer among a group of old friends. For whatever reason we can all feel uncool from time to time & the key word here is “feel”. The reason I say this is because God always knows that you’re cool regardless of how you feel. You are very significant & important in God’s so this makes you always cool!



Awww, thanks so much for this!!! Im having One of those days where I feel like this. Im glad you pointed out that it’s just a feeling. Feelings are something I need to ignore more often and look at God’s word– the truth! Im in a growth process, haha. Praise the Lord! Bless you Sarah, may things always go well with you, You’re Such A Special and Unique women. <3 I Love hearing your thoughts! Their intriging!!! Thanks for sharing your heart. <3

The devil and barometric preassure, or maybe it’s the cycle of the moon, but I’ve found a word from an ol’friend who is “not” an enabler sometimes helps make the heart merry. The best remedy that took a long time to learn was that “in giving you always get more back”, which is like God – tzedakah / rightousness or random acts of kindness = we serve a righteous God one who ALWAYS gives….Smile

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