you buy it, you carry it!

When I was growing up, I remember a family vacation where my dad bought these giant copper pots because they were cheap & he wanted to use them as decoration in our house.  Nevermind that we were in Egypt & that we’d have to carry these monstrosities on various planes, through airports, security, etc.  After this experience, we made a family rule, “you buy it, you carry it.” 

This rule makes me think that sometimes we buy into the lies that the devil tells us & then wind up carrying his junk.  Don’t buy these lies, so you don’t have to carry the luggage J



For my kids they used to have to put flyers at houses or on cars in parking lots hating every minute of it, but later in life they have become some of the best marketing agents for their self proclaimed business.
So what is it that your kids go…”oh nooooooooooo not that……..” hahaha

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