You are TOTALLY cool!!

I have some amazing friends who could take virtually anything & make it beautiful. They’re amazingly creative, resourceful & have the most beautiful way or decorating & arranging things. Me, not so much. When I paint at our house or try to do something “craft-ish”, there just aren’t words to describe how bad it usually turns out. But I do have some things that I’m pretty good at – I enjoy cooking & I’m pretty good at picking up different languages (and a few other things).
But here’s what’s totally amazing & fantastic about you (and its not just about your talents or abilities): you are intensely, deeply & infinitely loved by the Creator of the universe, Who knows you better than anyone else & Who loves you more authentically than anyone. You are important, valuable & significant because your Creator loves you & this is what makes you TOTALLY cool!!!



Latoya Miller

🙂 Cooler than Chuck Norris?

Awesome! Sarah you are such a blessing. Thank you for taking the time to uplift those out here in blog land! May it come back to you 100 fold.

Yeah! Ok! Absolutely Great!
No link on Sarah & Marilyn for Moses???? 🙁

Lorraine Dale

That was cool too, Sarah, thankyou.

idell stelly

Awwe… I really really, I mean, really needed to be reminded of that… Thank you Sarah. 🙂

Carol Yuhasz

You are such a special lady & blessing from The Lord – I was touched through your ministering tonight at New Life Family Church; the glory of The Lord is your strength! Sincere Prayers for you Sister in Christ, CYuhasz

You are totally cool. You are so knowledgeable about History! You are always increasing your learning capacity. You are an incredible listener. An encourager and always ask how you can pray and believe for others! You love children with an intensity that’s challenging and inspiring.

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