You are easy to love

Having grown up as a pastors kid, I’ve had the honor of meeting all kinds of wonderful & interesting people, some nice & easy to love & others who were more complicated ,)
But let’s be super clear that you are easy to love, full stop. You are easy to love not only when you’re being good, friendly, warm, cordial & sweet. You are also easy to love when you’re cranky, contemptuous, grumpy, impatient & ugly with lettuce in your teeth & an epic deodorant failure. Even at your worst, for your Heavenly Father, you are entirely easy to love, full stop. You are easy for God to love because love is natural for God & not based on your performance or behavior. Because God is love, you are easy to love & that my friends is reason enough to keep your head up on this fabulous day in January 🙂




Thank you Sara for this post you made my day!

Thanks Lori!! 🙂

This week I felt like the unlovely and just wanted to pull the covers over my head. Thank you for starting my weekend on a positive note.

Thanks Jan! Glad to give some sunshine ,)

Dominic Troughton

And the James Taylor song shower the people by James Taylor came on just as I was reading this … Shower the people u love with love
.. show them the way that u feel

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