yea for weaknesses!

I was reading over the weekend about how Jesus healed a guy who was born blind.  Before Jesus healed the guy, His disciples asked about why the guy was blind and Jesus replied that the man’s blindness was to give an opportunity for God’s glory to be seen and magnified.  This is an interesting perspective: that the weaknesses we have can serve the purpose of letting God be glorified.  With this mindset, it seems like we should let our weaknesses be more obvious & less obscure so that God can get the most leverage and glory from such weak areas.  With this in mind, I’m starting to rethink the value of my strengths and talents, particularly as they relate for the opportunities for God to be more glorified 🙂

Happy Monday to you!!



Ok Sarah – check out the 3/3/3’s
1 Thes 3:3 in the Amplified – without explanation because you get it – affictions / appointed / tribulation (not rapture hahaha – side bar), then 2 Thes 3:3 faithful – keep you from evil or the evil one by establishing you – But v.5 be very very patient – isnn’t that great! To God be the Glory, oh and the third 3 was He worke me up at 3 am to give me those verses. Smiles and Blessings

Louise Schmaling

Amein 🙂 Praise OUR Almighty Father G-d ! Praying Always FOR ALL Saints IN Yeshuas Holy Name Louise @ CCM Bibles Around The World

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