would you like an upgrade?

 When I was growing up, my parents did a great job of helping me to try out new things & to look for possible talents and interests that I might have.  One area that we explored quite a bit was piano playing.  I started taking piano lessons when I was 5 years old and over the course of several years, I had the privilege of taking lessons from a local family who was reknowned for their piano skills & abilities.  In this family, the father, mother & a few of the kids gave piano lessons.  They were all concert pianists and did their level best to improve my skills, with a minimal effort of cooperation on my part.  And that was the key problem.  I was settling for mediocre when they were striving for excellence.  As a result, everyone was frustrated:  my parents, this concert pianist family & myself.  

With this contrast between excellence & mediocrity, I think that there can be many areas in our lives where we settle for average when we could have extraordinary.  Let’s not allow our faith to be one of these areas.  I don’t want my relationship with God to be average – I want to be like Moses in Ex 33, a friend with whom God speaks face to face.  To me, this is an extraordinary relationship w God & Moses’ example stirs me up such that I won’t settle for an average walk w God.  How about you???



Yes, I would like an upgrade! Thanks for reminding me to raise the bar. We’ve been given so much; it’s the least we can do to bring our best (or at least our better) to God.

Once again, Ms. Sarah as they say in the south, rather I believe you should be focusing on Joshua (just my thoughts) because there is another generation that needs to go into the Promise land, and they need leadership (from someone who was trained by Moses) to lead them into battle and win the fight over the “giant-ites” that the new millinium faces. Smile…you can do it!!!

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