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 I think it’s pretty important to eat healthy food – Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine & medicine be your food.”  That’s some good timeless wisdom, in lots of different contexts & not just for our bodies.

I think that we also need to pay attention what we feed our minds & hearts.  Here’s an interesting example:  one of my favorite movies in my 20s was Aliens.  I loved this movie & almost had the lines memorized.  But this became a problem for me because there’s a fair amount of violence in this movie & I began to start having very violent dreams & thoughts.  My mom suggested that I take a breather from Aliens for a bit & viola, the dreams & thoughts became less & less violent.  So my line of thinking is that whatever we feed our hearts & minds is going to be what starts to grow & bear fruit in our lives.

With this in mind, I had a really good conversation with God this morning about several items that have been stressing me of late – He was kind enough to point me to Ps 55 & from this conversation, I’ve been thinking about this Psalm & reading through it several times.  Rather than my mind continually running through the various stresses & challenges, I’m letting Ps 55 be my whole food today 🙂


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I eat a lot of fish. In the pan most fish cooks in 8 minutes on each side, in olive oil, and I use salt free seasoning, lemon pepper salt free seasoning. On the grill use aluminum foil, and spray the foil lightly with Pam. The thinner the fish the less time to cook. Most fish turns white when it’s done, and separates easily with a fork. I like fast healthy foods. I also cook Turkey burgers, with lots of salt free seasoning. 10 minutes on each side for Turkey burgers.

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