Who Is Sitting With You?

Feeling unsettled or lifeless? Are there places in your thoughts or emotions that are restless or even numb? There have been a few things for me lately that have left me feeling not so peaceful nor lively. I was talking with Holy Spirit about these issues in my prayer time & He reminded me about Romans 8:6 wheee the mind set on Holy Spirit is life & peace.
So I’m inviting Holy Spirit to sit with me in those areas of my thoughts & emotions that are rattled & lifeless. Because I know that God’s Word is true, I anticipate that I’ll have more peace & life in these places of my soul because of the Holy Spirit’s presence 🙂
You’re welcome to let Holy Spirit sit with you!


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Joyce Overstreet

I’m expereincing this type of what I consider an upheaval, essentially a knawing unsettledness and dim view of things presently. I study the word everyday, purposely seeking words of encouragement and stable words hoping they negate anything else. I sit “In His Presense”, and always ask that he saturate me with his Holy Spirit.

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