who does that?!?!!!

The world in which we live has some people who do some really crazy things – holding their breath for multiple minutes for deep water diving, wrestling with aligators, playing polo with a sheep head & lots of even crazier things!  Who does that kind of stuff???

Here’s a quiz.  Who does this kind of stuff?

  • disagrees with the religious & cultural norms
  • touches disease infested people, endeavoring to make them better
  • welcomes everyone who is ostracized, outcast and isolated
  • seemingly abandons his friends at the very worst possible time
  • does everything within his power to help people, even when they’re ungrateful

Guess who???



Good to see you – keep smiling it gets better and great perspective – blessings to you!!!

Hey – Just wondering I noticed on your column you continue to carry Malcolm X – after some further investigation hmmmm I’m not sure he really represents the Judeo-Christian values but I know that is your decision to ingratiate his references.

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