Ok, last night I continued our Sermon on the Mount series with the lust and divorce part.  If you read the earlier blog on sex, you know that I was stressed out about speaking on this topic.  Can I just say that I’m relieved to have last night to now be in the past?

But truthfully, every “whew” has a lesson, if we’re receptive to God’s voice.  Can I just encourage you that all of us have things we know that we need to do, but dread doing.  If we actually go through it, we often just put out head down, plough through and pray for light at the other side – gutting our way through what we dread.  Unfortunately, if that’s our mindset, we often miss the point of the exercise.  For me, last night’s exercise was a lesson in learning that my life is not my own – not if I aspire to follow Christ.  The message wasn’t about me, my comfort level with the topic or figuring out how to keep from blushing.  The lesson for me with last night’s events, is about surrendering and making it my goal to please Jesus.  Sometimes we go through things and we don’t know why, but if you can keep in mind that with whatever you’re involved in, if you make it your goal to please Jesus, then with His grace, it will ultimately be ok.  Read 2 Cor 5.9 & 1 Thess 2.4- we make it our goal to not merely to please man but rather to please God who tests our hearts. 

Every “whew” could be a test and a growth opportunity – if we make it our goal to please God.  Do you hear the echo?


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