when the journey is difficult

I’ve been thinking about Abraham lately & how God tested him in Genesis 22 and instructed him to sacrifice his only son, the son of promise, Isaac.  Thankfully, we can read the end of the chapter & celebrate with Abraham that God provided a ram for Abraham to sacrifice in place of Isaac – God sees our needs and has provision waiting for those needs.  But I’ve been thinking about the 3 day journey that Abraham took with Isaac to get to the place where he was supposed to sacrifice his son.  If I were in Abraham’s sandals, those 3 days would have been the absolute & most abhorrent days of my life – knowing what I was assigned by God to do.   The revelation at the end of the journey was nothing less than heavenly (Abraham experienced God in an extremely powerful way) but the journey was nothing less than hell.

Sometimes the journey in our life can be an almost living hell, but let me encourage you that God is walking with you for every step and there’s a great possibility that through this journey, you will come to know God in such a heavenly way that the hell of the journey will pale in comparison to the heaven of the revelation 🙂




Bless you, Sarah. I found this blog to be very helpful and inspiring!

Debbey Taylor

Sarah your blog today has been an encouragement and yet another confirmation upon confirmation of the season I’ve been walking through in my life for the last year…I too like Abraham, God asked me if I was willing to sacrifice the very thing I had been believing God for, praying for and had desired more than anything in my life…and His question to me was “if you will never receive the thing you’ve wanted your entire life (your Isac) and all you have is Me, will that be enough?”. Well I must admit I knew the right answer, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t struggle with grieving w/the death of the that dream…since then I’m so thankful to God for showing me that He wanted my desire for Him to outweigh any other desire/dream.
And recently God gave me a word: “you’re about to go through hell, but remember I will be w/ you every step of the way!” And I found myself saying, “I’d gladly go through hell Lord, cuz getting to know You deeper and more intimately is worth any cost!”

So thank you Sarah for your blog!! And for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading!! 🙂



Lee Jackson

I have a journey that will be rough on me. Thank you for reminding me about the glorious outcome.


Hmmmm life’s simple analogies. When I take my woofer for a walk – I know where were going and when we will be back / approximately. Likewise when we are on our journey with our heavenly father – He has a clue – He knows where we are going and if there is some adversity, then He is going to walk us through it and we get a blessing at the end of the walk. Sorry the simpliciity but then God…

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