When Pain Is Good

My physical therapist stretches my shoulder & that’s a nice way to say that she hurts me & sometimes I don’t like her, like today. I even used the breathing exercises with my children being born to manage the therapy pain. 
But sometimes pain is good:

  • when it’s part of the path for improving & maturation 
  • some conversations are painful because they’re working through hot zones
  • sometimes it hurts to get healthy
  • pain can be the process through which something new & wonderful is birthed

Not all pain is bad in the grand scheme of things 🙂



Cristina Parodi

Look after me yesterday cai KING OF KINGS worship in council went with my daughter who did not notice , I’m exirparon operated knee meniscus and the other tube two years ago a serious ankle sprain …. breathe and asked the Lord help oxygenate …. and there a hand of a young man walking down council taxes and daughter socorrieron me … The Lord is faithful always calm all pain and helps grow !!! be built in El !!!!amen Sarah!!!!!!

SaraH!!! hola hoy no recibí en mi hotmail tu diaria intercesión de la palabra por eso busque uno que tenia archico y te lo envio!!!espero estes Bendecida y optima como siempre hermana…Besos

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