when I make mistakes

 My husband was recently upset with me for not communicating with him about something that is extremely important.  He called me and I quickly knew that he was displeased with me about something.  Thankfully, when my husband gets upset about something, he usually does a good job about maintaining constructive communication to resolve the issue rather than ranting and raving or taking cheap shots on peripheral topics.  When he explained the problem, I was clearly at fault.

There was another issue this week where I had been responsible to take some notes and had made some mistakes in my note taking.  My gracious friends helped point out some of these mistakes and they were very kind and gentle with their help.

In both of these situations, I totally owned up to my shortcomings.  I didn’t deflect my mistake, blame someone else or have an emotional reaction.  In both situations, I explained that there was no one to blame but me, that I had definitely messed up and I apologized.  I made an internal decision to try to do better in the future for these areas.  I didn’t ingest any bitterness, animosity, resentment or other negative emotional baggage.  When we get corrected, let’s own our mistake, get better and appreciate the feedback 🙂



Alice Jackson

I applaud you Sarah and agree with you. No one said doing the right thing is easy, but you can walk away with your integrity intact and a wiser person for the experience. Blessings my human pastor. ;^)


i Commend you and your husband on how you guys handle your problems….

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Excellent reminder…I totally had this conversation with both of my girls the last two days. (Better to learn it young than struggle with it when you older.) Thanks for sharing.

Lorraine Dale

Sarah, like your mother always says, “your attitude determines your altitude.”

One of the toughest remedies for life is learning to laugh at yourself. My grandmother who I adored tried to teach me the 1-5-10 year rule with my children which was what year was I going to laugh about it. Sometimes it is a little tougher with spouses due to the emotional vs. logic factor but still the same – if it is not in malice, then find some humor after you : make note to self correction(s), then making up is sooooo much better. It’s amazing after you become a grandparent how much clearer the familial picture gets in your decision making processes. I think it’s called grace….

Mistakes cause you to hurt, to learn, to reach out to God. When you realize God reveals to you the mistake and it humbles you.Realizing mistakes are good to keep reminding me to remember to forgive, to keep on loving to use as wisdom not just hinesight, to keep on trying to learn how to move on from them in Christ.

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