When dreams come true!!

Yesterday was an absolutely amazing day! I was able to visit our nightcare facility & to see it operational & blessing infants & toddlers in massive ways! God put this dream in my heart for almost 2 yrs & I’ve been trying to make this dream into reality with much effort, prayer, travel & persistence. Yesterday, I got to see the dream come true! I had the privilege of meeting several moms who are using our nightcare to provide a safe place with care, love & nurture for their babies. These women work through the night in various clubs & in professions that no woman would even remotely want.
I met a little boy, we’ll call him Sam, and his mom had no one to care for him while she worked through the night, so she used to leave him all alone, locked in an empty room. Now, with nightcare, she brings him to our shelter where he gets a nice dinner, love, care a comfortable bed & a safe place with loving moms who look our for him as he peacefully sleeps.
What an absolutely astounding honor that we get to express genuine love in such tangible ways.
Jesus says, ” When you do this for the least of these, you do this for / to Me.”.
Genuine love – nothing changes us more powerfully than genuine love 🙂




Alice Jackson

What an amazing thing this has turned out to be; and all due to your good heart, mind and determination. Many would shy away from such an undertaking, but not you Sarah. God’s plan for you was unique and so badly needed. Best of all – you heard His call and you acted on it. Do you know how pleased you have made women, children, ORCC and most of all GOD?! May He continue to smile on you, in you and through you. It’s an honor to be a part of ORCC. Please send my best to the team there and know that we pray constantly for you and for the days to pass by quickly so we have you, your family and the team back with us. Be safe and may God continue to keep you in His blessings.

WAHOO!!! so excited that you are meeting these children face to face…plus hearing how Saving Moses is impacting these lives with Jesus’ love. I’m little on words…but BIG on thankfulness…

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