What’s Normal??


I’m currently in Cambodia with our Saving Moses team, having a blast for sure! Normal here is altogether abnormal for the average American living. For example, hot soup is a common food while sitting outside in 98degree weather & 95% humidity. And in relation to traffic, well all bets are off with that adventure. I stopped thinking about the accident probabilities many years ago – go with the flow ,)
Seems to me that sometimes we take our human living & try to make our spiritual lives for around our human conveniences. Maybe Jesus intended for the “normal” experience for His followers to turn “normal” upside down & bring more supernatural into our natural & normal living – just something to think about for your Monday prayers 🙂



EXACTLY … SPOT ON AGAIN … we … ie the church in the western world … are often so western centric … we forget where Jesus came from … and even forget, myself included, to be extremely thankful for the un-merited opportunity and privilege we have in the west … often won at the expense of those in the ‘developing’ (an old term) world …we really should be in absolute awe and thankfulness … anyway … ciao

SARA B is a true Christian , the fruits of esìritu dwell in it !!!!

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