What’s Normal?

Whenever I travel, I get a glimpse at different “normals”. My normal living over the course of a week includes, usually some eggs for breakfast, driving the kids to various events, reading, writing, studying, some travel, coffee of course & ministry events. All of this happens on a backdrop that I take for granted: a functional car, clean bed, warm house, safe water, a friendly neighborhood, good schools for my kids & a loving husband. 
I’m returning from a country, having visited some red light districts where the “normal” living for the babies & toddlers is something altogether different. Truthfully, I’m really struggling to process this disparity during my journey home. These kinds of experiences often change me at very deep levels, reshuffling not only my perspective but likely some of my priorities as well. 

Sometimes we need to have our “normal” upended to keep our hearts aligned with God’s priorities. 


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Amen! the Lord is misercicordia comfort and love … always to bring wood , make ant trail … be careful …. blessings

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