what would Jesus say?

 Several years ago, it was really common to see the “WWJD” (what would Jesus do) bracelets everywhere & from time to time I still see them & they make me smile.  Lately, however, I’ve been thinking about what would Jesus say.  I’ve been thinking about this not in my communication with others, but more so in what Jesus says to me.  You see, from time to time, I wrestle with thoughts about discouragement, failure, disappointment, etc.  If I’m not careful, these thoughts can overrun my brain & become dangerous distractions from Jesus’ plans & purposes for me.

When I look at Jesus’ life & His words to us, they are always filled with life, faith, strength, encouragement, forgiveness, love and acceptance.  The only people Jesus ever slammed with overt offense were the religious leaders of His day who were judgmental, selfish and even ungodly.  To everyone else, His words were full of life, encouragement & faith.  When I think about Jesus’ words & their contrast with the discouragement & failure thoughts that run around in my mind sometimes, I’m faced with a choice.  I either listen to His life-giving words or I let the failure & discouragement thoughts run amuck.  I’m choosing Jesus’ words, because I’m Jesus’ sheep (John 10).  🙂



interesting not only WWJD or WWJS, but also what correlates for me is How Would Jesus Say It! You know that non-verbal statistics for communication states that 87-93% of everything that we say is without words. So, when Jesus was standing on the mountain side without any PA system – how did he say it? I don’t picture him as loud and boisterous, or as a screamer, but how did He get his message out to 5 or 10,000 people. You know what I really appreciate about your ministry Ms. Sarah (southern female depiction while not being disrespectful of Mrs. Bowling) – you pleasantly deliver you message with gentle candor and modern euphemisms, although I am a fan of TD Jakes also. And, I’ll bet Jesus used his hands and arms to talk with too. Keep up the good work 🙂

Lorraine Dale

You know Sarah, whenever i am discouraged or feeling this is not what God wants me to do, i remember a teaching your mom taught. You can know God’s will by asking 3 questions, 1) Is this scriptural? 2} Do circumstances line up? and 3} Do I have an inner witness? If yes to all three, my discouragement leaves.

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