What I’m Learning

Recently, I had some travel challenges that were similar to something I went through last year. This year, I handled stuff with lots more agility & significantly less angst. The things I did better with included booking an earlier flight instead of nail biting at the last minute. I booked my luggage in increments rather than the whole trip so I don’t think my luggage will go missing for 5days, smile. I also was more proactive with finding a hotel & not looking frantically for something at 2am. There are a few other things I did better on as well, so I’m happy to see that I can learn, grow & improve. I’m equally quick to acknowledge that I don’t know everything, so I continue to stay in learning curve mode. Refusing to learn is dangerous, full on. 
These travel lessons seem applicable to daily living as well:

  • Don’t choose stress when it’s not necessary. 
  • Carry heavy stuff in little increments so it doesn’t get overwhelming
  • Take opportunities to rest, trusting that ultimately God is in control 🙂

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