what I liked about this day

From time to time, I think its a healthy exercise to think about all the good things in a day – keeps me thankful, hopeful & positive (all good things to have / be).  So here are some things:

  • coming in to wake up Isabell & seeing her sprawled like she used to sleep as a baby
  • Reece making the kids’ breakfast & lunch (he does this almost everyday and its wonderful!)
  • getting to do traffic today at the kids’ school (aka crossing guard).  I did the cross walk so I get to say “hi” to lots of friends and people.  🙂
  • thinking about Jesus’ words about forgiveness after the Lord’s Prayer in Matt 6 – He’s a big forgiveness promoter.  Gee, I wonder why?!?!?
  • a GREAT parent / teacher conference w 1 of Benji’s teachers – he’s brilliant and she thinks so too.  Its so pleasant when we all agree  😉
  • reading the Cat in the Hat to Benji
  • having pho, eggrolls & avacadoe boba for lunch w a friend (how do you spell avacadoe?)
  • having some solitude & quiet to myself this afternoon at the house – an extremely RARE treat!
  • walking to pick up and walk home w David & Bell – great conversations & hang out time together
  • making a healthy dinner for my family & having a great family time together
  • bedtimes – see nice to read, snuggle, cuddle and be
  • Reece is going skiing tomorrow.  He bought a helmet & he keeps asking me these questions about how its supposed to fit – my clueless answers are only seeming to make him ask more questions to which I know not the answers.  I’m very HAPPY he’s wearing a helmet now.  No details necessary.  🙂



    beauty is everywhere!

    Fantastic! How does it feel to be out as a ‘crossing guard’ again? 😉 Pho and Boba are two great new discoveries I have! 🙂 This one makes me think…..

    I’m an addicted crossing guard – can’t get enough! 😉
    twice today & anticipating withdrawals for the weekend

    avocado 🙂

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