what do you think??

I’m working on a message for Sunday & considering what would be essential components to maintaining a vibrant relationship w Jesus. 

What do you think is / are necessary components for a growing & vibrant relationship w Jesus???  Please leave some comments 🙂



I think first and foremost is knowing the truth about Jesus. People need to know that Jesus is safe. Your heart, your emotions are safe with Him.

In response to your question. In order to have a growing and vibrant relationship, we must experience the spirit of brokenness. If we come to realize that we ourselves cannot do what is needed to order – then we come to an understanding that there is a greater being that can help carry our burdens in life – That is JESUS. We need to humble ourselves and KNOW that we are sinners. We are made COMPLETE with JESUS. He is our SAVIOR in every area of our lives. It took me a hard painful lesson to realize that I cannot have a growing vibrant relationship unless I SURRENDER all of myself to HIM.. Thanks for asking.. Bless you, Sarah..

Well here it goes make it real like you are dealing with a relationship with your best friend or your mom or who ever you are very close and have communication with all the time.
For me believe it or not this simple first step was a challenge, why because of trust. I need it to rely look at all my relationships and ask my self who do I rely trust and what is the behavior of that person that makes me trust them unconditionally.
Then I look at my self why is it that I depend on this person, what is it that this person brings to my life that I need so much.
Mind you I have been a Christina for more than 20 years and only in the last 8 years I had this breakthrough.
I always love Jesus but I always felt inadequate or nonconducting of Him having a close relationship with me.
What did I find out. In my life my best friend is the person whom I have a growing and vibrant relationship with and the reasons are, she is non judgmental, very cool, easy to talk to, she listens to me, none threatening, always loving, willing to say I am sorry, and always there when I need someone, and lots of fun. OK so what do I bring in to the relationship, I ask my friend and it was pretty much the same.
So I ask my self OK how do I develop the same relationship with Jesus well, I expect the same things from Him and I give the same things to Him. I talk to Him every day, understanding that whatever is in my hear He will not judge me but listen and help me, I ask his opinion about every thing like I do with my friend, and trust that He will give me an answer that will have the best in mind for me. I want to know what is going on with Him so I read His word and find out more about his Character and then talk to Him about any thing that comes up in my heart about what I jest read. I love when He gives me gifts I use them regularly my favorite is the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and I love to give Him gifts too so I come up with what they seem to me this amazing psalms and sing them to Him. (I can not understand why every one else lives the room when I do this:)
And last but most important I am not afraid of Him,I can jest hear every one know, what in the world do you mean, you are to have fear of God. I reverence God I am not afraid of God, I love Him and I can not love someone I am afraid of. Deut 4:10.
I had learn from church to fear God meaning I was afraid of Him and therefore always felt judge by Him, but if I reverence Him then I understand all the attributes that He ask of me and they are an amazing gift to give to Him, He is my biggest fan and I am His biggest fan, He sees me as one of His favorite gifts and He is my favorite gift, He keeps me so close to His heart and He is the closes one in my heart.
I am sorry this is so long but not having a good understanding of this made me loose so much time and energy in my relationship with Jesus that it is so important to me to have a full understanding and full experience in my life of having Jesus be my everything.

We must seek Him on His terms, not on our own.

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