What do you have?

I’ve been thinking about how when God spoke to Moses about leading the Israelites out of slavery, Moses complained about what he lacked: I’m not smart enough, I don’t have favor with the Israelites, I don’t have Pharoah’s ear, etc. In reply, God told Moses to check out his hands & God did some really cool miracles: leprosy on Moses’ hand that God healed & Moses’ staff turned to a snake. While our hands may seem kind of trivial, lets never minimize what God has given us. God’s gifts are always supernatural 🙂



I like it – great simile / now in relationship to our lives??? Personal example is for me I gave an on line tithe and 30 seconds later the phone rings – someone wanted to buy a house. Kkkchinggg I had a big need and so God said to my spirit “Is that quick enough?? Hahaha dark side. God still rules!!!

Yes, yes, yes….

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