What do you expect?

I have some friends who are “half-full” friends & I have some “half-empty” friends. My half-empty friends think that my half-full friends live in denial & my half-full friends think that my half-empty friends prophecy their negative results. It’s an interesting dilemma for everyone ,)
For myself, I know from my experience: negative thinking breeds negative results; positive thinking turns up many unexpected pleasures. Whatever you look for is what you usually find, so let’s be wise about our thoughts & pursuits 🙂



Alice Jackson

I expect myself to be half-full. With a God who delivers miralces and promises everyday and 24/7 I think we are all half-full. Some more aware of it than others. Blessings.

Great observation! Hmmm In trying to change from my previous Type A / make plans/ make things fit / ask the Lord how are we doing instead of what do you want me to do Lord- It is a huge change also for me and my personal board of directors. However it always leads me back to Matt 6. I’m wondering if in vs. 24 is the glass people??? Jesus pretty well answers the question about the worry factor Why are we 1/2 anythng? Why aren’t we full -even running over with the greatness of God?? Maybe when we get to the halves we need to hit the Holy Spirit button to fill us back up to overflowing?? Anyway, I love Sarah Young’s perspective in Jesus Calling of looking only to today – good enough And, I really enjoyed the repeat on the Names of God this week! Great Job as Always Sarah and Mama Marilyn!

I so agree. Who wants half empty when you can have half full? Yeah it can be hard sometimes to keep the half full veiw but thats part of the fight to keep out of the hold of pessimism, depression etc. On your own it can be an uphill battle but with the love of Christ and friends such as these the glass is easier to see as half full. With Christ victory in every battle is the outcome, even when you suffer you win and you know it.

Lorraine Dale

I remember your mother always saying, “your attitude determines your altitude”

Another thought: One of the toughest things was walking away from a cousin I loved because he always went negative and his filters didn’t always work, but I loved him as we grew up together. Point being was having to make the choice to leave the negativity. But, on the other hand when you walk a little further in success it is then being able to filter the “friends” who are always blowing smoke vs. being real and you start to buy into their “greatness accolades” because of vanity and pride, either way is just remaining real with Jesus 🙂

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