what are your options?

 I recently read about when the Jews left their slavery in Egypt & I came across an interesting verse, when they were being chased by Pharoah.  At the end of Ex 14:12, the Jews are complaining to Moses & they say something like, “It would have been better to stay as slaves in Egypt than to die here in the wilderness.”  I started thinking about this & it really hit me that they only saw 2 options: slavery or death.

Unfortunately, I think we make the same mistake when we exclude God from His involvement in our lives. Truly, without God’s participation & involvement in our lives, we face the same kinds of options that the Jewish people saw at that time.  In contrast, it seems to me that the more we involve God in our lives, the greater the adventures, miracles, shock and awe!! So let’s make sure to include God more & more in our lives 🙂


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Amen and amen Sarah. I have been seriously practicing His presence in my life because I realize after I have begun a task that I am not conscious of God in what I am doing. That ‘ol self-reliance kicks in way too fast sometimes. It is a choice isn’t it to desire God’s grace empowering us in everything we do.

I certainly prefer to endure the hardships and frustrations in this earthly life and consider it all joy, instead of the other choice of walking in darkness with the god of this world. YUK, YUK, YUK!

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