What Are You Waiting For?

Some of us are better at waiting than others. But waiting is a universal human experience. We wait for traffic, phone calls, relationships, promotions, grades, test results & in this season, Jesus’ birth. 

Sometimes, what we anticipate when it arrives isn’t always what we expected – so we are surprised, disappointed or even perplexed. 

When Jesus arrived as a baby, I think Mary was relieved to have completed her pregnancy & maybe she was surprised as well, given the unexpected appearances of shepherds & magi to celebrate Jesus’ arrival!  

When Jesus landed at the temple at the beginning of Holy Week, he shocked everyone by driving out the money changers, healing the blind & sick & being celebrated by children w songs of hosanna in the highest (Matt 17). But the religious leaders weren’t remotely happy w Jesus’ arrival. 

And when Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene after His resurrection, she wasn’t expecting to meet the risen Christ!

When Jesus comes, let’s be ready to celebrate & also appreciate that we will likely be surprised because He isn’t always what we expect 🙂


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