What are you good at?

We all have various strengths, talents & giftings. I have friends who are really good at organizing, details, fashion, etc. One of the things that I think I’m good at is listening. I like to listen, ask questions, learn & hear about other people’s lives. While this can be a great talent, it can also be a great weakness for me, in that I find that I can often listen better than speak when it comes to one on one relationships. If I do not share & sincerely express myself then a relationship can be one-sided & unbalanced. What has been a foundational strength can also turn into a crippling weakness, particularly when I ignore the Holy Spirit’s confrontations.
So my challenge to you has a few things for you to consider:
#1 – what are you good at? What are your strengths?
#2 – in what ways might these strengths become weakspots?
#3 – how can you listen to the Holy Spirit to help you live in truth & not deception with your strengths?
Let your strengths be ongoing strengths & not twisted into weaknesses 🙂



Well there you have it – what I’ve noticed about a lot of Christian TV personalities is that they are horrible listeners UNLIKE, You are GREAT!! Benny Hinn should just do a talk show. What you consider a weakness by not always jumping in is a strenth. So many TV talk-showers will ask a question of a guest and then go ahead and answer it for them – when the audience would really like to hear the guests response, even if it is a pregnant pause. YOU ARE TERRIFIC and of course, your MOM is incredible at recapturing and restating. But Kudos to you- I so much can’t wait until you step forward because your message is right on, too. So keep listening. SMILE

Wow so true, I lack in speaking up alot of times mainly due to insecurities but also, lack of communication skills, and past mis-communication problems.. But many times I find that if I don’t say something someone may take it as my being a snob or that I am not concerned or something like that. Yes sometimes I step out in fear and speak up especially to be a witness to my Christ Lord and King Jesus. Because of Him I do it afraid and yet enjoy His presence and joy of His Holy Spirit. 🙂

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