Welcome to South Sudan

We just arrived in the very new country of South Sudan, capitol city: Juba. Next month, July, this country will be two years old & so it is very much in its infancy. I’ve never been in such a brand new country, so I’m excited for all the new adventures that await us this week! I’m also very happy to have arrived in the country after anticipating & planning this visit for well over a year. I have a keen anticipation that the experiences for this week will be nothing like I’ve ever had before – so I’m both excited & a little nervous. I’m nervous because our mission with Saving Moses is to save babies 0-5 where the need is most urgent & the care is least available. While this mission is very compelling, it can be more than heartbreaking at the same time. So stick with me throughout this week & we’ll take the adventure together! The picture is of the airport 🙂




Louise Schmaling

Greetings Sarah And Marilyn IN Yeshua’s Holy Mighty Name. I love that YOU Can help others for OUR Lord. I Pray That MANY Are Helped to Have a good healthy prosperous life. INSTEAD OF Saving Moses is to save babies 0-5 I Speak the WILL Of OUR Almighty Father G-d Be done Allelu YAH !!! Glory to OUR Almighty Father G-d ! IN Yeshua’s Holy name. name ABOVE ALL Name 🙂 Shalom.

This is wonderful. Will be watching and listening. God is with you all. 🙂

Alice Jackson

I know this will be a successful trip because God is on your side. Your intent and determination are nothing less than remarkable. Be safe and know that we all love and miss you. Can wait to here more from you. Blessings.

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