Welcome to Angola!

Heat, humidity, crowds, chaos & haze. We’ve been traveling now for over 40hours & we’re closing in on “almost there.” I’m presently sitting in a waiting hall for domestic flights & trying to get a little oriented. I had a nice but BRIEF chat with some Chinese guys from Shandong province, where Mao was born and in a few hours, we get to visit one of our biggest malnutrition clinics.
Whenever I visit Angola, I’m always reminded that its only been in the last 10years that there has been any stability whatsoever here. They had more than 30 years of a MASSIVELY brutal & inhumane civil war & before that, Angola was a Portuguese colony for over 300 years. This is important because wherever there is political instability, babies often experience the most significant impact because the infant mortality increases proportionate to the quantity of instability: long instability = masses of dying babies / high infant mortality. So for the next few days, we will be visiting our malnutrition clinics, meeting some wonderful moms & seeing how the benefits of consistent therapeutic milk plays out for malnourished babies who would likely die without our help.
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I’m expecting miracles!

Praying intensely for you during this time!

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May God’s heavenly host surround you in your adventures.

deborah graves

Bless you. Be safe. You are in my prayers

Sarah, thank you for always including us in your life…I look forward to journeying through Angola with you.

its great to be with you all in your journey, look !!! you are layered in so many blankets of prayers !!! Thank you Jesus for keeping Your Healing Hands upon each needy mom and child and giving Sarah and all the workers the compassionate love needed for all of them…PRAISE JAH !!!

Vivian Sandoval Bernal

my prayers are with you and this dear young woman and her baby. With long life will the Lord satisfy them in Jesus name Amen!

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