Weird people :)

From time to time, I have the opportunity to interact with all different kinds of people & some of them kind be a little tricky. In the past, I used to get more frustrated with people who can be difficult & weird. One of the things that I’m learning is that everyone is important & valuable even if they can be a little strange. I always want to be able to give people the benefit of the doubt & respectful regardless of how difficult they might be. Sometimes I do this better than others. So my take away is that it’s important to go the extra mile & while this can be hard, it’s the better decision than to give back the hardship someone may be giving to you – smile 🙂



Yes, i have found that hurting people hurt other people. Who knows what made someone strangel

I think a/b things like this sometimes too. I realized awhile back that I’m as weird if not weirder than anyone. 😉 Remembering reading a book, can’t remember how long ago, but it’s called “Everyone’s Normal Til You Get to Know Them.” I think that’s what it’s called. Very revealing.

First time here. Saw your post on Ginger Wade’s wall.

That’s why you are blessed because of your sweet Spirit although the adversary will try it’s best to get you to doubt it / fear others / look toward other compartments of your life – but keep focused on that sweet Spirit and what you have to share with others without shouting, unlike many others who think they need to raise their voice to help people to hear. One of Jesus most admired traits was His meekness not weakness. And there are a lot of other weirdness out there that seems to culminate this time of year.

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