Weaknesses & Deficiencies

Last year, I dislocated my shoulder & had surgery to repair it. Thankfully, my shoulder has recovered well & I can play basketball again 🙂
The shoulder thing was a challenge for me in lots of ways: limited range of motion, pain, restricted activities, physical therapy yuckiness & the mental struggles for my highly independent personality. When we have weaknesses & deficiencies, we often want to hide or camouflage these struggles. 

With God, however, such weak spots need to be accentuated, rather than obscured. Paul made this axiom abundantly clear in 2Cor 12 with his words about having a thorn in the flesh. Paul said that Jesus was glorified through his weaknesses. 

So today, let’s celebrate that we aren’t uber mensch – that we are frail & flawed humans through whom God works & gets all glory because of God’s love, power & grace!


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