we are so very smart ,)

Recently, I had a few problems with my phone.  It started to delete some of my email accounts a few months ago, then recently, it would do random & unpredictable things.  It became uber funky a few days ago & deleted all of my contacts.  Yesterday, it decided to delete all of my calendar appointments & this morning, it deleted all of my email accounts.  I felt like I was flying blind – but it also reminded me about how we used to not have wireless phones, nor emails, synched calendars, text messages, etc.  Clearly, we’ve come a LONG way in our tech usage, but we aren’t so smart that we don’t need God.

  • I can have the fastest 4G network, but without the “Jesus” direct line, theres some communication lag ,)
  • I can have the best wifi access we know, but without the Holy Spirit as my wireless, I’m dead in the water
  • I can have the best love affair with my phone, but no one completes me more than the Trinity 🙂

Happy Thurs to you!


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