Wart Freezing


I just had a plantar wart frozen, round two. I’m hopeful this time the freezing thing works, as these things aren’t pleasant. The problems with a wart on the bottom of one’s foot include:
It grows if you don’t kill it
It’s on the bottom of your foot so it’s easy to forget – not visible
It’s contagious & silently spreads
It can make a problem with walking

Seems to me that the wart thing is a lot like sin. It’s insidious, subtle & invasive. If we tolerate little pieces & nuances of sin, it’s like the plantar wart of my foot. Pretty soon it’s a whole lot bigger than what we thought & our ability to be effective in our day to day living gets compromised.
Let’s remember that Jesus came to help us walk successfully without the debilitating affects of sin!


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