Want a deeper relationship w God?

I was reading this morning about how Moses was up on Sinai & how he went into the cloud with God’s presence. I thought this was interesting because I remember how when I was on my honeymoon how we visited a semi-mountain in Seattle that was all fogged in. I remember really well how bizarre it felt to be thoroughly inundated by this cloud. I couldn’t tell if anyone was around me on this mountain & then i heard voices through the cloud that seemed to be just inches away. It was an amazing experience.
Here’s my point: sometimes I think we can miss out on some really amazing experiences w God because we are afraid of the unknown. Moses walked into the cloud & what an incredible relationship was developed between God & him. Maybe Moses was scared of the unknown or maybe not. Whatever the case, Moses had a relationship w God that was nothing short of fantastic & part of that relationship came because he walked into the unknown 🙂



Nita C. Hicks

Yes, walking into the unknown is different things at diferent times of our lives. When we are young and have a long life ahead of us, it is exciting, joyful. When we are older, it becomes frightening. And when we reach the stage I am in it becomes a mixture of excitement and frightening because w know it could be the last time we walk into the unknown, or it could be the beginning of an incredible adventure. I am looking forward to more adventures planned for me by God.

We should not fear the unknown. We can’t escape God. Wherever we go He is there. We just have to step out in faith and trust His plan for us. Jeremiah 29:11. Loved this post Sarah!

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