Walking Through the Woods on a Snowy Day

We had a very beautiful snow storm yesterday, even though it was treacherous with driving. Instead of going to the gym & working out, I decided to take a walk in the snow through some woods. It was a very soothing walk. In the woods, it was quiet & very still, but along the shoveled path, it was windy, icy & not as enjoyable. I was thinking about the trees and how they spend half of their time getting dressed, putting on leaves & half of their time getting undressed, shedding their leaves.
Sometimes I think we chose paths that seem smooth based on what we can see & feel but sometimes this choice prevents us from experiences with God that can be really rich for our hearts. These are just a few thoughts from my snowy walk in the woods 🙂



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What fun. I enjoyed a call from my brother reminiscing about growing up in a farm community where we hooked our sleds with 50 foot ropes and the John Deer tractor pulled us along the farmtown roads while we jumped like pirates across our sleds with one another laughing gleefully having the best of fun. Now all of us are 60 years and older (still living- haha) knowing that none of this generation will ever be able to enjoy the freedom associated with growing up in a uninhibited technical society

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