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Right out of the gate, you need to know that I’m EXTREMELY amped up about this post.  I’m amped up, because it seems to me that virtually no one in the international community is making a REALLY IMPORTANT CONNECTION.  Here’s the deal:  ebola is an epidemic that has been ravaging three countries in West Africa (Sierra Leone, Guinea & Liberia) for this entire year.  The international community has become increasingly attentive and responsive to this awful disease that currently has no known cure & with an 70% mortality rate.  Ebola is really serious!

But here’s the WAKE UP CALL:  While the US has currently given over $200million for ebola aid & assistance, China has given less than $10million to the ebola crisis up to today.  The reason I’m so amped up about this discrepency is because China is the leading economic partner for Sierra Leone, Guinea & Liberia.  Feel free to research the recent economic agreements that China has negotiated with these three nations in the last 5 years & you’ll rapidly see that China is acquiring vast amounts of wealth & natural resources from these nations, but up to this day, China has been shamefully silent and virtually absent from providing any noteworthy support against ebola.

6db19_141006091841-03-ebola-1006-horizontal-gallery  My rant in this post isn’t based solely on Judeo Christian values.  My rant in this post is based on human dignity & I would urge you to put pressure on the Chinese government to save their own economic face & put some hefty finances toward stopping the spread of ebola in these three nations.  Please post this blog on your Facebook page, pass it along to your friends and let’s bring to international public awareness this shameful neglect from the second biggest economy in the world, China.




Holly Takatsuka

China also has thousands of migrant workers in those countries (as well as other African nations). You would think they would want to protect their own citizens. And the possibility is always there that if one of those workers returns home, carrying the virus, Ebola could spread throughout China as well. I think the world is waking up a bit more now because the thread is coming to their own front door and not staying isolated in these African countries any longer.

Holly, that’s super true!! Unfortunately, China isn’t the pristine golden standard for human rights protection over the course of time :/

abc news is reporting 81 million . . .

Hey Carol! Thanks for the reply!! I TOTALLY HOPE THAT’S RIGHT!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, when I read BBC news this morn, China hasn’t even made the top ten donors or pledge nations on the BBC article today 🙁

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