Wait a second!!

I was in a security line at the airport early this morning & it was moving rather slowly. Thankfully, most of us in the line were still pretty groggy so there wasn’t much complaining, except for the guy right behind me. He was really gripey & for me, gripey & groggy aren’t a good combination. Thankfully, God helped me to keep my mouth shut because when it was all said & done, we weren’t waiting for more than 10minutes – which points out a bit of a challenge for our modern living.
I think that if we aren’t careful, we can easily fall into the impatience trap & neglect to learn & practice waiting on God. There are LOADS of verses that speak to the importance of waiting on God & I would encourage you to explore what God says about waiting. But from my personal experience, waiting on God is a great way to be in God’s presence & God’s presence is my priority 🙂
So wait a second & grab some God time ,)


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Dale Carnegie had a great perspective, he said “if you want to be enthusiastic, then “act” entusiastic!” Sometimes you just don’t feel like it, but then that “faith” thing comes up – “NOW faith is…. evidence of things not seen>’ I used to just hate those -perky Christians, when I didn’t feel like being a Christian because they seemed so phony, but on the other hand in retrospect maybe they didn’t feel like it either and they were walking out their faith?? Hmmm, the point is everyone in our life is either there for us, or we are there for them. Hmmm which one is it? Most of the time I just don’t feel like confronting but then is it really our choice. WWJD Smile Psalm 118:24 Hahaha

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