vision check up

I have a really cool eye dr.  I’ve gone to him since i was in high school – so that’s a good amount of time.  He’s always the same – nice, cordial, polite . . . .  He never changes, even when i forget to make an appointment for a check up for 7 years or so.  Whoops!  Nevertheless, your eyes are really important.  They allow you to collect visual information to be processed by your brain.  If your eyes start messing up, then the information sent to your brain can be faulty & therefore the conclusions that your brain makes can easily be flawed & you can make some very poor decisions. 

Jesus talks about the importance of your eyes in Matt 6:22-23, basically saying that if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness & if your eye is clear, then your body will be filled w light.  If you’ve made some poor decisions, then consider the information on which you made such decisions.  Perhaps the information you were using had shades of gray, maybe you were trying to keep a foot in the light & still dabble in some hidden areas.  Traffic experts tell us that the most common times for auto accidents are during twilight. 

Live in the light – the light of Jesus & don’t try to see with compromised light.  Come into the light.  Stay in the light.  Live in the light.



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