Valentines Day is not a “SAD” day

One of my friends told me that for people who aren’t married or dating, Valentines Day can be SAD – Single Awareness Day. Initially, I kind of chuckled at this acronym, but it also made me think about this. In my opinion, I think it’s very “sad” that we’ve allowed a holiday that’s about love to be turned into something almost entirely devoted to romance. Of course genuine love is more than just romance. Genuine love is about connecting with God & connecting with people – celebrating the amazing ways that we can experience & give love. Genuine love isn’t “sad” 🙂



I’m single and not dating, but have received much love from real friends and true family (including my ORCC family). A friend of my posted a cute little ditty: Roses are Red, Chocolate is Brown, If you’re single, don’t settle for a clown”. Well put. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY AND S.A.D. 🙂

so true!

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