Upside Downside

What goes up must come down, given the gravitational constant for our planet. I was reminded of this reality yesterday on a hike in the foothills west of Denver.  We went up a hill (mountain for flatlanders) & we came down. Simple to type, more strenuous to achieve.  Going up requires different muscles than coming down & the cardio work to ascend is more challenging than descending.

In relation to walking with Jesus, I’m grateful that in every stage of life, His steady presence never leaves us. Some seasons of life are very strenuous & demand tremendous energy & attention. Jesus doesn’t us leave us in these seasons. And in the flat, easy & wise spaces of life, Jesus keeps us company just the same. So regardless of the season of life that we’re in, let’s keep our fellowship with Jesus the continual constant, always pulling us ever close to His side 🙂


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