Unanswered Prayers

“We are far too easily pleased”- CS Lewis

Sometimes I think that God doesn’t answer some of our prayers because are prayers are misdirected. I think that sometimes we settle for “good” when God has something more “magnificent” for us than what we are requesting. Unfortunately, I tend to be selfish & short sighted when I don’t get my way, like an immature child who doesn’t trust their parent to make choices for them in their best interest. So rather than packing up our toys & going home to play by ourselves, lets keep living with & loving God, trusting that God is fundamentally good & is Genuine Love 🙂


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I scrolled back to see if I’d missed any of your blogs and for some reason this one popped up – how interesting because the comment that I wanted to pass along was that the Lord spoke to my heart about being faithful to follow and encourage you whenever possible. Of course I’ve followed you and your parents ministry from afar and try to catch all the 7:30 am Marilyn and Sarah shows on Daystar to start my day.So my thought was my replies on these blogs were like prayers knowing that they are going somewhere but the point is that the answer is not the objective. The objective is to be a partner knowing you can’t even come close to trying to answer nor would I want an answer because it would take away from objectives like Saving Moses. I know God answers our prayers, but He is God and on his unbelievable time frame with the sun coming up every day and the moon going down every night, and gives us our daily bread. Hmmmm how magnificent.
So keep writing the blogs (wherever did that word come from?), and likewise know that you have an “agree-er” in your Spiritual endeavors. Good things / Blessings for you and your family despite the daily battles

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