tv taping & time

clockI just finished tv taping and it always amazes me how you can sense God’s presence and direction on things that won’t air for at least a month – God is timeless.  That being said, I’m also experiencing that He is also present in this moment.  I think that time is a human construction, but then I remember that God organized the sun and moon, night & day and blessed His creation.  So God has blessed time, even when we think we don’t have enough of it.  All to say that God is in every moment of each day, when we feel Him, when we don’t, in hardship & loss, in abundance and joy, even in desire led by Him.  God is in the moment even when you read this.  Each moment in life is saturated with His presence.  I think He wants to raise our awareness of Him in our lives.  How good He is to us



Mark Thomas

“He loves us, oh how He loves us”

Truer words have never been spoken.
This really hits home for me with what Judi and I went through earlier this year. Through our grief we knew God was there the whole time. It was transformational to experience his presence in such a difficult season. Thank you for this blog entry.

I love that God transcends everything, time and space. His omnipotence and omnipresence is enough to be in wonder and awe.

Sometimes it’s hard to grasp that God isn’t linear. When I’m in worship and I can feel His presence in a tangible way, I always pray that He would help me to know that He is there, even when I don’t feel Him.

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