try something new!

I have a really cool friend from Cambodia who is visiting us for the weekend & of course when he’s visiting we get a nice & small snow storm. I took a walk w him while it was snowing & he was in awe of the snow (not much snow in Cambodia). I loved watching his awe & excitement of experiencing something totally new!!
Sometimes I think we miss some really cool things that God has because we resist trying new things. We often get into ruts & comfort zones but let’s be careful not to let our comfort zones be more important than experiencing new things that God has for us. We are in a new year & I believe God wants to show us new things throughout this year! Let’s be open for new things from God 😀



I wish I could have this experience! I just visited Costa Rica, and everyone kept asking me about Scotland where I live. As well as ‘Is it true that Scottish men wear skirts?’, one of the top questions they’d ask me was ‘Do you get snow?’

I would answer ‘Yes, we get snow every year. Do you not get snow?’
Of course Costa Rica doesn’t get snow. I wish I could have one of my new tico friends over and show them what it’s like to be snowed on, like your Cambodian friend. Unfortunately, flights are crazy expensive. But I totally agree: if you can, you have to try new things. This world is so full of beauty and wonder, we owe it to ourselves to take it all in!

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