I’ve been thinking about trust this morning and I think that it is unfortunate that we sometimes equate trust with understanding.  I have a basic understanding that an electrical current coming from a power plant flows through a wire that leads to the lamp next to me, so that when I turn the switch to “on”, the electricity goes into the filament in the light bulb to provide light.  This is a pretty simplistic, cut & dry relationship between an inanimate object and me with the small possibility that it won’t work (in which case I would simply replace the light bulb and behave as I always have). 

Trust is a different issue when it comes to people and an even greater “adventure” when it comes to God.  Everyone has trusted someone only to be disappointed – or the other way around too.  When people disappoint us (or we disappoint others), we seem to be able to accept the disappointment “better” if we can “understand” the motivations and actions that are behind the disappointment.  When we take this principle of understanding & try to project that to God – well, all I can say is best of luck.  Asking a finite being to understand someone infinite is silly, at best. 

So really, trust is often based on understanding.  We trust people whom we understand (often with our mind), but trusting God requires us to understand with our hearts (maybe its better to say “accept”).  I trust God with my future (understand Him with my heart, accepting His Word) when He says in Jer 29:11, “I know the plans that I have for you, plans to prosper you, give you hope & a future . . . . ”  I trust God with my life when He says in Rom 8:28, that He causes “all things to work together for good to those who love Him & who are called according to His purposes.” 

Here’s a question to consider:  in a relationship, is the depth of authenticity proportional to the level of trust, ultimately affecting the level of intimacy?  What do you think?

Just some random thoughts this nice Wed morning.  🙂 



Isn’t “trusting God requires us to understand with our hearts” the basis of faith?

I’ve been pondering the trust issue for a while now. I have been on the receiving end of trust far beyond what the relationship would support. It created a set of expectations which anyone who actually knew me would never have had. And it created severe problems when I did not live up to who I was not.

So I think like trusting God, if we choose to trust people we cannot withdraw or control that trust. To me it seems like trusting like a child is seeing the other person as we initially believed they are even if the circumstances seem to indicate otherwise (except in rare abusive situations). We give them the benefit of the doubt instead of being quick to assume they betrayed us. Most comonly that which we deem betrayal is just a miscommunication or misunderstanding. Same with God…. when it doesn’t line up with our expectations its not that God is wrong its that our expectations are wrong.

Don’t know if that makes sense.


agree w both lisa & mark. thx for keeping me thinking

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