Traveling Friends

  I recently had the honor to get to do international travel with absolutely amazing people! I completely loved traveling with these peeps for lots of reasons:

  • Fun!  we shared a lunch one day where each of us had zero idea of what we were eating, but we seriously enjoyed the adventure where we’d hopefully never eat again ,)  Flexible – when our plans changed or didn’t go as expected, no one became stressed out but rather they were happy to move onto the next appointment
  • Supportive – never once did I ever feel from them that they wanted to get off the ride, not even standing on a corner in a red light headed district on a Friday night in uber sketchy conditions
  • Goals – each us understood what we were trying to accomplish & walked together to get those things accomplished. 

I think that in very similar ways the Holy Spirit wants to be our integrated traveling companion throughout each day. I’m continually astounded how the Holy Spirit is super fun, uber flexible, fully supportive & when I walk in the Spirit, there’s a unique synergy that happens from sharing common goals. 

Come travel with me! savingmoses



The Holy Espirirtu glories in our character that shapes Jesus … live in our fruits similar to the character Amen !!!

Happy Fifth Birthday to Saving Moses organization!

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