Too fast

I’m a speed fiend – I like fast: fast snowboarding, fast travel, fast driving, fast food (sometimes), fast swimming & speedy progress. Being fast yields itself well to the world in which we live. We like microwaves, no lines, phone apps that help us avoid traffic & almost anything that makes us quicker, more efficient & speedy.
The problem with speed is that everything can become increasingly blurry, the faster our lives move. Speed enables us to overlook things, of which some are important beyond description. There is definitely such a thing as too slow, but let’s be careful that our lives get so fast that we neglect to live & love.



Ahhhh the last hint of youth and mid-life. I saw a middle age couple with younger children and the younger children 6-10 were doing what younger children do – making a lot of noise, and my thoughts were that I was happy they were going home with their parents as seniority starts to set in- hmmm fast is relative when you consider that their genes were splitting about 20 times faster than mine, but then wisdom says, ” the fear of the Lord” and realizing that we are not 10 foot tall and bulletproof is a good thing. Buzz on while you can – Smiles

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