Tom & Jerry

My boys are on Fall Break & they’re watching a classic Tom & Jerry cartoon, where the cat gets killed in a thousand different ways & manages to come back for more. I remember watching these cartoons when I was little & I was perplexed how that cat could stay alive & then be so stupid to keep coming back for more. I guess I missed the point & sometimes I still do. 
There are other points that we can sometimes miss:

  • How is it that we sometimes miss the point that God loves us because God is love & not because of our pristine behavior
  • How is it that we miss the point that forgiveness is supposed to be a continuous action in both receiving & giving
  • How is it that we miss the point that life is more rich from being generous rather than from consuming & hoarding
  • How do I miss the point that Jesus is God’s selfie & Christmas affords me the yearly chance to celebrate such divine extravagance?

Maybe the volume is too loud with Tom & Jerry or the white noise in our lives to catch these seemingly finer points ,)


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