today’s my Dad’s birthday

Today is my dad’s birthday and he would have been 88 today.  As I think about him today, here are some things about my dad that are great:

  • he was always positive, even when everything was grim, negative, discouraging & even seemingly hopeless
  • he was very unique and didn’t see much value in trying to be anyone different than himself
  • he loved people – sometimes I think he used the garage sale excuse just to get to chat with lots of different people ,)
  • he was always 100% behind my mom & her ministry – he never seemed threatened nor jealous by my mom’s success
  • he liked to refinish antique furniture, go crawdad hunting, play rook, collect and be as close as possible to the Holy Spirit 🙂

Happy birthday Dad!




Sarah, what a lovely birthday tribute to your Dad. Thank you for sharing your fond and heartfelt memories of him.

Sylvia Williams

That sounds just like the Pastor Wally I knew & grew 2 live & respect. Thanks for sharing!


So sweet amd he will be in your heart forever amongst the great cloud of witnesses urging you on – Blessings!

Amen! Yes Happy Birthday to your Dad. He is in a far better place & I’m sure looking down on you both, knowing someday you’ll all be together, to celebrate together. God Bless you too this Day, & may He strengthen you & you mom, family, & have the Holy Spirit infill you with His Love.

Lorraine Dale

Thankyou Sarah, for sharing such wonderful memories.

idell stelly

Your Dad is amazing & one reason I use the word ‘IS’ is because the truths that he cherished live on in you. You are your Father’s daughter, without a doubt… and that’s a very good thing.

Josephine McCrory

What a beautiful remembrance! Yes I just opened up my email and saw your post May 7th P.Wally and I shared birthday dates! Miss You! Papi!

So sweet…such great memories…..Bobby and I enjoyed meeting him and having an opportunity to chat with him while on a mission trip to China/Cambodia several years ago…such a gentle and peaceful man!
Many Blessings to you and Ms. Marilyn….see you again soon on the mission field!

Louise Schmaling

Praise OUR Almighty Father G-d ! IN Yeshua’s Holy Name. Praying for ALL Saints always IN yeshuas LOVE Louise @ Cornerstone Christian Ministry Bibles Around The World. Shalom.

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