to prepare for Valentines Day

The Love Holiday is just around the corner & it is most commonly celebrated in a romantic context.  But being the strange bird that I am, I think that limiting love to a romantic context is a catastrophic tragedy 🙂

So here are a few of my thoughts on genuine love

  • genuine love is the most transformational power known to humanity
  • genuine love starts with God & requires God to be expressed in human relationships
  • genuine love is more about the recipient than the giver
  • genuine love is unlimited by time or location
  • genuine love works in tandem with forgiveness

Thats the power of love!  😀



Hi Sarah,

Just finished reading your explanation of the Love holiday which I enjoyed! I am thinking about my journey in Christ at the moment, because at this point in my walk, I continue to hear God speak to my heart saying, “Just let Me love you.” which entices me to seek Him all the more and He is beautiful! I believe that until I KNOW and experience God’s Love I cannot give it away.

In response to your statement: genuine love is more about the recipient than the giver, are you saying that the greatest way we can experience God’s love is only thru relationships when we give His love to others?

Have a super-blessed “Love holiday!” Sarah and family

Hey Patty! Thanks LOTS for your feedback! It’s super encouraging & delicious 🙂
As for genuine love being about the recipient more than the giver, I hadn’t thought about it the way you described, about experiencing God’s love when we give it to others – now you’ve got me thinking ,)
My thinking with this was that I think that we sometimes think we love someone because of how they make us feel & not necessarily considering what is in the recipient’s best interest.
Isn’t it fun to think about how love is so diverse & yet alluring?!?
Thanks again!!

Hi Sarah,

You are most welcome. Glad to be a source of encouragement.

After reading what your thinking was, I am encouraged to ponder the thought that when someone makes us feel wonderful, we think they love us, therefore, this euphoric experience makes us somewhat self-centered and our ‘need’ for them to continue making us feel wonderful blinds or hinders us from being sensitive to giving them the love they need or giving them what’s in their best interest as you stated. Most definitely NOT genuine love.

We certainly need God who is Love. He is the only person who can satisfy our need for love.

Knowing and experiencing the “transformational” love that has been poured out in our hearts thru the Holy Spirit given to us, perhaps is the catalyst for the release of God’s love in our relationships. Your thoughts on genuine love illustrate ways we can express and experience God’s love.

Wow! As born-again believers we were given perfect, genuine love. We actually have within us the power to continue in God’s purpose in the earth! Thank You Pappa God for giving us Your Love! I can love because when God looks at me He sees Love because God is Love in Christ who lives in me. Nothing in and of myself. Phew! A bit verbose, eh?

Thanks Sarah for allowing me to think out loud. The Holy Spirit certainly does lead us into all Truth. Yay!

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