to make you smile

Happy day to you!  I’ve been back from South Sudan for a week, so I’m happily sleeping through the night, I enjoyed immensely the time with my family last week, with the 4th of July holiday break and I’m happy to say that my digestion is doing well, after having experienced some interesting adventures.  So that’s all really good because on Sun, we fly to Cambodia for 1.5 weeks 🙂

I also want to give you some encouragement today & hopefully make you smile a bit.  Here are few attempts at these goals:

  • seeing the good that’s happening around us is often a choice of focus
  • sometimes we go through good seasons & sometimes we go through some not so good seasons – the good news is that we keep going ,)
  • drink lots of water – it keeps you healthy, chirpy & perky ,)
  • thankfully, God’s still in charge, no matter what’s happening around us
  • what do you call a rabbit with fleas?  Bugs bunny 😀


God bless you and your family and ministry Sarah. The blood of Jesus over you and all traveling with you. Glad to hear your tummy is doing good and as for ” bugs bunny” good one..made me laugh!

Lorraine Dale

I love your bugs bunny joke, Sarah, as well as your blogs.

idell stelly

That was ALL good news, even the joke! 🙂

Thanks for the Smile

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