to feast or fast, that is the question

fastingI’m so excited about getting to share about fasting in our church!!!  Tonight, we talked about Jesus’ discussion about fasting in the Sermon on the Mount.  Truth be known, I’ve been really eager to share about fasting because I think its one of the best kept secrets of Christianity.  I invite you to read the comments above to get some useful insights, refreshing honesty & reflective thoughts – leave your own comment too!

If you’re in Denver, please consider adding to your fasting plan some really good prayer opportunities:

  • every Monday 7pm w Dad in the Elevate rm
  • every Sun 6am w Cleo in the Altar Counselling Room
  • 2nd Fri of each month 6-11p w JoAnn in the Altar Counselling Room
  • 1st Fri of each month 7pm w Kathy at her house (call church office for directions)
  • last Sat of each month 830a in lobby / foyer
  • pre-service prayer:  Sun 830a & Wed 615p in Altar Counselling Room
  • Mon, Wed 630-730a in Auditorium

Keep in mind – get some fast in your life to go far!



Sarah – Here’s some random thoughts…
Well, I have had VERY mixed “results” due to fasting. I started fasting a few years ago because of ORCC’s annual fast. I did it for a week, cold turkey, no break in and it was very hard! I’ve fasted in some form at least once a year since then and sometimes its hard and sometimes easy. I seem to get intrrupted amazingly during the prayer part of prayer and fasting, always something coming up so that It makes it difficult to pray during mealtimes. I have small kids so it is always hard to make food for them and then fast. I seem to get lunch and/or dinner invitations every time I fast if they are the only invitations all year! I always try to fast/pray with a purpose usually to seek guidance on the upcoming year or something i’m deciding on or dealing with. I guess I never “hear from God” in such a way that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt the direction I should go. I’ve been pretty discouraged sometimes after fasting, expecting some good, clear direction and not getting it like I wanted. I supposed it may be there but not like I want I guess.
Physically I dont know how people fast as long as some do…I have a high metabolism I guess and feel like there is nothing left after about a week (or less) I get cold and can’t stay warm, get tired and dizzy very easily. Its always about the third day that hunger mostly goes away but I still crave sustanance or something to get me going so it never really goes away in my head. I’ve read about some amazing benefits physically to fasting and once got some people in my office to go a week on juice with me to cleanse and such…as expected there were mixed results. Well, I hope there is something here you can use…blessings on your series.

The word fasting just leaves me feeling starved….I’ve never really cared for the word or the actual act of fasting – that in itself is why I feel it’s so important & something we do in obedience to Christ. Not everything God asks us to do is fun, but sacrifice. But some of my sweetest times have been during a fasting period. My last experience fasting came during a time when I was nursing my youngest son. I couldn’t fast food for obvious reasons, but I wanted to be apart of my church’s week long fast. So, I went for something else that was EXTREMELY hard for me to give up & that was this computer…no blogging, no email, no facebook…nothing. Couldn’t even turn it on for a week. It was almost as hard for me as food, but the time that opened up for me during the day and all that I accomplished, not to mention more time I had for my children really surprised me. Instead of being on the computer, I would be in the Word and time of prayer. I feel it’s a real discipline for me personally. It’s giving up of our selfishness & our “own” desires for more of Him & my letting Him know that He’s more important than anything in my life.

Fasting has been a life changing experience when the Holy Spirit puts this awesome need to fast. As a single mom is no surprise that there is always a need, but I remember once when my daughter was 7 she is now 21, I had lost my job I had no money to pay any bills the electricity was turned off, no food in the house and only 3 dollars to eat. Needles my need was tremendous, and I new that I new with not only my spirit but my whole heart, mind flesh every part of my being that I need it to fast. So I did, not because I did not have money or food and you could say that made it easier but not really. I fasted and read the word and pray in tongues. On the first and second day I was experiencing going through all of my feelings of disappointment and sadness and desperation. The third day I notice something changing, peace lots of peace, and a deeper understanding of the word and such an enjoyment of reading the word, a week later my God it was awesome I experience some amazing supernatural things happening to me and my daughter, I was still broke and with no lights it was a rainy day and I had a small barbecue pit and charcoal and 3 matches to light it so that I we could eat hot dogs mind you it was raining so every thing was wet, Anna my baby girl was hungry and cold so I told her
honey this charcoal is gong to get hot and we will have food tonight. I light the first one and before I could put it in the charcoal it burn off. The second one light up right away I put it in the charcoal and it light the charcoal I took the last match and was able to use it in another area of the charcoal, we ate and where so thankful.
I fasted for 45 days not because I was in some kind of competition but because I was in such a spiritual high I did not want to come out of it. I have never been able to do it again but I am so grateful that God allow me to have that time of great need so that I could get so close to Him. I think the Holy Spirit is the only one that can truly let you know when you need to fast, I think that if you put your self to fast when someone tells you to or because you do it once a year cause is something you do, you are missing out in experiencing some amazing supernatural times with the Lord. Let him guide you and tell you exactly what to do. I fasted because of my spiritual hunger and I let my self experience every thing from straggling with my flesh and feeling, to being in spiritual ecstasy in love with Jesus. Sorry for the long story but I hope this helps some.
Hugs and Kisses Sister.
Blessing in your teachings.

Sarah –

I’m hoping this will help. It’s a link to a sermon on fasting from Linda Budd at Open Bible Fellowship in Tulsa.

Let me know.

Stephen Tafoya

Fasting seems like the wrong word for it; it should be called “slowing” since it seems like forever during fasting, so slow, from the start of fast to the end of the fast. lol!

Hmm… Fasting food hasn’t been too bad. Haven’t done anything long term, like a day or so. I’ve actually fasted other things like music, internet, games, etc… All these things, when removed from the daily cycle, are good reminders to spend time in constant prayer with God.

It’s one of those things, however, that when you are done, you know God has seen it, honored it, and did something about whatever the fast was for. You may not always see the results, but somewhere deep inside, you know God made a difference.

BTW, I linked your blog from my blog, is that cool?

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ps. we should have a Saturday Night live-like comedy night at the church sometime. Have some actors get together, perform sketches, maybe have some stand-up comedy, … i don’t know, something to lighten the winter mood during this time of “recession.”


i don’t have a lot to offer to this other than that i’m a horrible faster. i tell paul, “i don’t know if i can do this fast. i’m so hungry!” and paul says in reply, “yes, that’s the point.” when i don’t complete a fast the way i intended, i end up feeling so ashamed of myself. what kind of lover of Christ am i that i can’t forego a few meals???

T – you rock!!! Thanks for honesty & I might have some ideas to help. 🙂

just when i’m feeling bad about myself, here you come with you’re encouragement. have i mentioned the love???

i would gladly accept your tips on fasting. i know that i can fast in times of great need and conflict, but i’m not so good on doing it for anything less than crisis.

I will always remember my first experience with fasting.

A long time ago in a land far away we were doing a two week fast in youth group (Breakthrough). I thought that it would be really hard to forgo meal(s), but it was surprising to me how when you are praying and seeking God that hunger didn’t really enter into the equation.

However I wasn’t very wise at the time considering that I had an aerobics class in High School and I almost passed out from not eating.

Lessons Learned:
* – God can and will provide all of the strength that you need.
* – Use wisdom while fasting

Ever since than while fasting I have really seen God moving not only in the situation I was praying over, but God has ALWAYS blessed me during those times even without my asking.

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